Unto the Glory and Honor of the One Father God

My offering unto thee is to help you expand your understandings beyond what the worldly religions and other pathways may have revealed unto thee; for I come back into the fold of humanity, yet I am not of the evolution of human beings, I come from the Source and Center and have been given My directives from the Paradise Father Himself. Not as some sort of channeling whilst here in the flesh, but BEFORE coming into the flesh experience I was with the Universal Father, the Glory of the Son, and the Immaculate Power and Love of the Spirit - all who love human beings incredibly and do not hold you to your errors; for it is merely seen to be thy education as a personality soul coming into maturity. Nevertheless, you are loved immensely and fully...immaculately for all that you each have undergone in your search for God and for thy true Self nature and identity.

Now, I share with you this understanding if ye will receive of Me, then you have received of the Father. some of you may disperse this idea without the necessary child-like trust and faith implanted within thy heart to allow these truths to come to you ad be received and implemented by you; for only each one of you can shape your destiny into Light and more of the Infinite Glory of the Universal Father who dwells directly within thy midst...His Spark needing to become focused upon and worshipped by you so that He can willingly expand into a full Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power that transfigures all imperfection preparing you to receive thy golden inheritance of Him securely established within thy mind and heart...thy soul...and even the physical body which must become raised into light to complete your education herein.

When flesh putteth on immortality, then is it ready to share the life of the height that is Spirit, even though it walketh still on the earth and meeteth the problems that earth calleth up. Ye have begun thy journey unto Paradise and the initial destination is what you may term to be heaven...the heavens of pure light and life.

I share with each one of you incredibly precious that you are in my sight...immaculate in my sight...

 . . . a new beatitude I give unto you:
Blessed are they who sit in the silence of the Father's Presence . . . His Eternity, for theirs is the gift of holding fuller communion with Him who giveth all things unto thee, so that the outer world will hold no charm for thee and you will crave, thirst, and hunger for Him alone. This is the prime motivation and attitude . . . the first true movement directed by your free will intelligence and decision that will carry you into His arms for all eternity...

And in this Silence ye shall awaken thy hearing and seeing, the spiritual vision and divine insightfulness that will move you to all tears of Love and compassion for all of existence...

In All Worship and Honor for the Creator Father, the Glory of the Son, and the Immaculate Power and Love of the Spirit . . .

~Michael of Nebadon


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