The Second Birth

The aim of all spiritual development is to eliminate the lower self so that you become lighter .. to deliver the ephemeral nature into Truth Everlasting through the initiation of the Second Birth .. so that the God Self becomes free from all misqualified outer layers of obstruction that it hath acquired over lifetimes of learnings.
In your own life, you will be able to perceive within thyself and others that certain parts of the God Self are already free to express in their original purity, while yet .. other parts are still hidden and have yet to be revealed.
How much is free or hidden, and the devious ways it is hidden depend upon the overall development of personality.
The ephemeral self is a mixture of certain attitudes and attributes .. common faults and erroneous habits and certain weaknesses that vary within each person.
The ephemeralities of selfhood are tainted with irrational ideas and beliefs stemming from artificialities .. superficialities .. resistances within the personalit…

Let Him establish dominion all through you

Learn of My Way to approach living your life in the here and now with success and purpose. As you seek, so shall you find Me. As you strive to understand living My Truth, so shall it be revealed to you. As you surrender the false images and those idols of your own creating, so shall the real and genuine experience of Life begin.
I intrude not .. I invade never .. I invoke always .. I attend to Mine flock.
The Father's Life and his Kingdom hath a never-ending benevolence to offer and provide you. Reach upwards giving everything of thyself to him.
Wheresoever I AM .. there you are as well; for this I AM is the Life which motivates you .. animating your every thought and feeling and breath .. giving you of Himself continually with purity and trust and purposeful intent.
Lift your sight of mind and awareness to Me...
I AM the Life in you .. the Way of victory to embody .. the Truth of all authority to become aligned with .. the Ideal of the First Father Revelation is revealed as the Second…

Mine Coming Shall Stir the Atmosphere with Truth

Thine faith shall open the inner gates between you and the Father.Thine trust shall give you entrance to My Father's Kingdom. Yet do I say unto you .. behold the imminent Presence of God our Father.Let thine awareness overflow with faith and trust in Me. When ye go through the labors of thine day .. enter Mine Trinitarian Values of Eternity .. respect the Life of God in you .. recognize the Father and I as the Life thou art .. give him all reverence and revelation .. be in this reciprocal religious relationship of giving everything to him of your mortal selfhood .. and receiving everything from the Father who desires for you to have all of him that you are capable of receiving. Remember My Love for you in all your moments of despair and discomfort. Be not discouraged nor dejected; for I have overcome all things and I come forth into your view to demonstrate how you shall do the same.I know Mine own children who are athirst for character righteousness and personal rectitude in God&…

Ye ask of Me ..

Good day to all men and women who seek fervently for the Stability of God's Life...
Ye ask of Me .. where are you living.. and what do you do in the earth at this time?
How is it that you have sought me out by asking what I do and where I am?
Do you not then realize that I am here for a fortnight .. and that I must be about My Father's business?
I cometh to teach thee of My Way of Victory in the Universal Father.
My Truth of God Authority...
...and Mine Life of reciprocal spiritual relationship.
This victorious avenue for every individual brings about eternal accomplishments .. it shall raise thee in thine predicaments upon the earth.
Ye shall be made renewed in mind and will and body .. and reignited in thine desire to reach for the Godhood in you.
The inner urge for this imminent connection with the Love Principle of Paradise must be made by your conscious advancements each and every day.
This Kingdom seeking Urge is strengthened by your wholehearted commitment to embody more of the K…

The Life I Give to Thee

Knoweth that I am the One who gives to thee the greater Life of the Father’s Spirit Force as you become his soul receptacle.
I AM the Living Word who dwells with thee at all times. Mine Impulse motivates thee into action and activity.
Heareth My proclamations unto humanity...
The day cometh when each must obey My commandments; as I am the One sent to deliver you out from the evolutionary journey of darkness which you have been immersed within.
Those who do love Me and are obedient to My preceptual commands for their freedom .. these are few in number; while they who serve Mammon are as the numberless sands which comprise the beachheads of the world.
Beloveds .. I am come into My own who do recognize Me. I walk now ever in thy midst upon the passageways of your civilization.
I give out the Everlasting Essence of the Life of the Father to Mine seekers and disciples and apostles who uphold a clean demeanor and a clear reverence for our progressive association of ascendancy.
These apostles attem…

The Great Aught of Existence

Verily do I instruct thee now in the way of living...All power is naught. It hath not the creative Life of God unless it is the power of love.Power of the worldly minded activities is effect .. it is a manifest of the Cause of the aught.Power .. which many do seek and strive after .. is the result of force; it is but naught in itself. It hath no Intelligence nor does it bring forth satisfaction. Power is naught in that it is illusory and empty .. and while Cause is the One Force of Life which holds all possibilities in It .. power is illusory and illegitimate. It is subject to continuous change .. and changeover.Again do I show thee in My Word .. and its words .. power is naught and is changeable according to changes in the thought ethers.The One Force of Life Itself is Cause and changes not .. is stable and secure .. certain and safe .. simple and significant .. while all illusion is subject to continuous changes which are then unreliable and unworthy to be learned upon by you.The On…

Mine universe children

Full blessed are the pure in heart who have been developing the vestments of mind and will and personality unto the higher and differential urges for worship and wisdom; for these are Mine universe children who yearn for the Trinitarian Values of God remembrance .. they have wholeheartedly transfigured their debilitating ephemerality of preconceived notions and those perspectives of subjectivity in their ascent to the One Kingdom.
Michael Of Nebadon