Forgiveness Flame

Misqualification is simply those misaligned qualities of imperfection which are generated by imperfect human thinking and feeling and acting. It is a misuse of the God Life which is continually being given to you to utilize by your own Individualized Godhood Identity above thee.These misqualities cause a misalignment from the Divine harmony and order and happiness which God is attempting to extend to human life simply by His streaming forth of his Presence into your human heart.Misqualities are misalignments which are simply sin or error. Sin is not the effect of a defective nature but rather the offspring of an undeveloped mind and will .. yet it is still the byproduct of a  knowing mind which has allowed itself to become dominated by its lesser values and erroneous virtues and unresolved lesser nature. It is the result of an unsubmissive, disobedient mind and heart, and a rebellious will untamed by the disciplines of our association and apostleship together.God by his very eternal i…

Thine entrance into the Kingdom

As you apply Mine precepts of Paradise .. give all credit and glory .. all power and intelligence .. all allegiance and loyalties .. to thine Father’s Individualized Initiatory Life above thee; for thine individualized God Life is the doorway into Light and Life Everlasting.
This is thine entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven through the Second Birth Initiation; for I have said that ye shall become born once again through the Infinite Hand of the Spirit in order to enter into the Kingdom of the Heavenly One. 
At the University Of Salvington, we focus upon our Five Core Curricula:
1. God Ideal of the Paradise Trinity Parenthood
2. God Individualized in you
3. God Identity of your nature
4. God Impulse as the Animating Principle
5. God's Prayerful Intimacy within your own Individualized Godhood
The Kingdom of My Father’s Life shall flood the earthly kingdoms and all life therein with all his  wisdom, illumination, and ascendancy for every creature regardless of religious orientation, econom…

Sacred Heart of Love

Prayerful Intimacy of Invitation
“I AM the Purest Golden White Fire Sacred Heart of Love, Limitless Peace and Intelligence from Above”
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

Thine Inheritance of God

The Kingdom of God is his Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience.
The Kingdom of God is his Sovereignty and Supremacy.
The Kingdom of God is thine Inheritance of God through the Immaculate Conception which you shall transfigure into in accordance with the Plan of Salvation, the Law of Harmony and Order and Justice, and the Will of God Presiding in thy midst.
The Kingdom of God is thy heritage as an emerging son and daughter of righteousness and remembrance.
The Kingdom of God is absolutely inclusive of every creature and all kingdoms of life. All beings are loved and are supremely precious in God's Sight.
God loves all personalities equally, and with Infinite tender caress. Yet he desires Perfection of Harmony, Order, Wellness, Union... for every creature great and small.
Practice daily your Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized Kingdom of God above you.
Place all thine attentions of ascendancy and the  awareness of thine personality soul upon him, and ye shall be deemed rel…

Open window

God's Holy Light abounds with his joyfulness and happiness. Thine Godhood Individualized is the closest and dearest open window to access these great qualities of thine God Life.
Our Father’s Initiatory Thought Blueprint is one aspect of our Ideal together. His Thought is the Paradise Pattern of Perfection which every creature shall aspire towards.
The First Person of the Father is the way and truth while the Second Person of the Mother Son is the Revelatory Word of the Father's Initiatory Thought .. of God's Personality of Perfection.
The Primal Originating Mother Son administers and demonstrates the way to access and become alike to the Father’s nature and divine identity Ideal in personality and individualized uniqueness of thy personhood.
...and it is the Preparatory Act of the Third Person of God the Immaculate Spirit who prepares thee to become as the First Father in your personality character and consciousness.
...and as ye allow thine Godhood to reach you purely, then…

Thine own Life

Behold, the divine Presence of God Individualized is thine own Life. It is thy destiny to unfold, to actualize, and to externalize in you. Give thine time and space to this relationship, and all problems and struggles shall be devoured by God's Love.
Christ Michael Of Nebadon


The Plan of Salvation for humanity and the kingdoms of the earth calls for each personality mind to advance themselves through effort and determination, discipline and obedience to the Living Ideal of Trinitarian Origins.
Michael Of Nebadon

Prayerful Intimacy is the Daily Embracing Eternity Empowerment

Prayerful Intimacy of Invitation "I AM Crystalline White Fire Love Luminous Immaculate Purity descending from Above."Place thine attention upon thine own God Individualized Identity above you in the octaves beyond the earth world. Give all acknowledgment and adorational acceptance to the Life of God the Father Individualized who is your immortal destiny. It is through your allegiance and alliance with the Father whereby ye shall raise thyself beyond the chaos and confusion of the global society. And this Prayerful Intimacy is the highest use of your free will nature.Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Shine brightly

Love cometh through your form from the Individualized God Presence directly above you. Transfigure thine consciousness and shine brightly thy field of mortality, then and only then, shall the Absolute Love of God I AM express through your human life.
I sayeth unto you .. prepare thine personhood with the Flame of His Mercy. Maketh way for the coming of the Lord thine Godhood. And as ye do these things in My Name, so shall I enter you in revelations of our Holy Remembrance of the Totality I AM and thou art.
Michael Of Nebadon

I AM Crystalline Purity

Prayerful Intimacy consecrates all thine personality tendencies and mortal inclinations into your own Godhood Presence Individualized.
Invitation for the descent of the Holy Spirit through the Planetary Host of Heaven...
"I AM Crystalline Purity White Fire Core .. Ascension Flame of Illumination oh God .. I AM the Open Door."
Michael Of Nebadon

The great relationship

With God the Father, sonship is the great relationship which ye shall enter into and grow by into your freedom of expression and existence.
With God the Supremacy of your own Christhood .. which you are becoming in actuality by thine daily exchanging into light thine vibratory activities .. achievement and advancement is the prerequisite to status; for you shall demonstrate the Ideal of the Paradise Primal Pattern of Initiatory Perfection.
Thine actual .. factual .. vibratory ascendancy of spirit attainment is thine entrance into God's Kingdom..
You are intended and designed to apply thyself with all knowledge and understanding, cooperation and collaboration .. the R's of God's Revelatory Remembrance of the Paradise Gods.
Ye must achieve your personality freedom and attain to thine individualized mastery by effort and demonstration .. determination and desire .. righteousness and remembrance .. rectitude and responsiveness .. recognition and responsibility .. receptivity and r…

What you already have

Gratefulness .. I tell thee .. gratitude is the confirming decree of what you already have in your life. It is these inner impressions of the values and qualities of life which grow thine appreciation.
Gratitude delivers its participants towards the riches of health and wholeness, prosperity and well-being in all ways. Affirming what you have and hold in qualities and values, in material abundance and the riches of clear sightedness and a mind filled with peace .. these generate momentums of such tremendous wealth and untold opportunities.
Gratitude develops receptivity .. the self-made readiness to outpicture thine riches in mind and heart and matter, and to give and receive this abundance accordingly.
Gratitude elevates thine thoughts into appreciation and the recognition of what Is. Appreciate God's Life in you. Affirm his Presence; for you are each this Living Stream of God Life and Identity. His Impulse moves through you at all times. His Life Impulse generates those motivating …